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What's New

New Guide for Treatment Planning with Quick Ceph Studio

Click here to download our new helpful guide to using Quick Ceph Studio in your treatment planning.

Quick Ceph Studio 4.2.0 Release Notes (5/12/2017)

Quick Ceph Studio requires macOS 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan or 10.12 Sierra. Please note we can no longer support macOS 10.8.X or older going forward. Please update your computers to macOS 10.9 or newer to maintain compatibility with future Quick Ceph Studio updates.

Release Notes for Quick Ceph Studio 4.2.0

Changes since 4.1.3
- Added ability to directly fill out the license agreement paperwork within the Quick Ceph Studio application.
- Improved the file sizes of exported images. They retain the same quality and are now a smaller file size.
- Improved batch exporting of patient file sessions with duplicate names. Instead of overwriting duplicated with the last session images, dates will now be appended to any folders with the same session names.
- Fixed occasional "No Data" issue when looking at some import galleries. This generally happened when launching the Quick Ceph Studio app by opening a patient file.
- Fixed inability to playback custom recordings of additional curves/landmarks in the Sounds section of the Preferences.
- Fixed a crash that would happen occasionally when performing a batch export.
- Fixed a crash that would occasionally happen when deleting a Comparison session.
- Fixed a hang that would happen if the Goodbye sound file is missing.

Changes since 4.1.2
- Improved speed when opening up patient files across a network or remotely via VPN. We are working on further improving the speed of opening and saving patient files across a network or remotely.
- Fixed crash that could happen when changing the calibration settings in the tracing section.
- Fixed crash that could happen when rotating a 3D DICOM/CT Scan volume.

Changes since 4.1.1
- Fixed 3D image tools not selecting properly.
- Fixed crashing when importing older .qc patient file with the system language set to Spanish.
- Fixed minor graphical issue with Edit Image tool sliders.
- Rolled back a fix for blocking duplicate sessions names. You can use duplicate sessions names without any alert. Please note this will sometimes cause issues with batch image exporting and we are working on resolving this during the export step rather then requiring unique session names.

Changes since 4.0.4
- Added patient age and relative session ages viewable in the sessions list.
- Added the ability to print X-rays and images showing the calibration ruler.
- Added check for duplicate session names. Quick Ceph Studio will warn and block you if you try to add a duplicate session name.
- Added additional 'ABO 2' analysis with some improvements suggested by our customers.
- Added automatic crash reporting to Quick Ceph Studio. This means if your software runs into an issue, a report will automatically be sent to our developers. This should help us resolve unreported issues.
- Improved registration process. Quick Ceph Studio will check with the licensing server if a machine is already activated and alert the user if this is the case.
- Improved Privacy Mode. It now is a global setting instead of a setting per patient file. This means if Privacy Mode is enabled, all patient files will open in Privacy Mode until it is disabled.
- Improved Norms readout when no value is supplied.
- Improved ABO superimpositions to better match the ABO provided guide. We removed the Inferior Sphenoid from the Mandible superimposition and removed the ANS - PNS line from the Maxilla superimposition.
- Fixed issue where double clicking a custom diagnostic file would not automatically install it. It now installs properly and is set as the default diagnostic.
- Fixed visual issue where white text was on a white background when editing a comparison gallery.
- Fixed issue where Magnifier tool wasn't matching the cursor location. This was happening only on Retina displays and is no longer an issue.
- Fixed inability to run Batch Convert on Quick Ceph Studio v4.
- Fixed issue where exported images were not using the translated language strings for localizations other than English.
- Fixed printing issue where comparison measurements printed considerably smaller then a single sessions measurements. They now print at comparable sizes.
- Fixed annoying crash when converting older QC2000 files or .qc Quick Ceph Studio v1 files.
- Added ability to print 3D model views directly from the 3D section.
- Added ability to take Snapshot images of the DICOM (Volume Tomography) 2D slice views.
- Improved ability to rotate DICOM volumes. Previously it was limited how far you could rotate any view, this limitation has been removed and you can rotate without any limits.
- Improved the color quality of Freeze Drying a 3D DICOM volume. Freeze Drying used to change the color from the 3D section to the 2D created X-ray, this is no longer the case. The colors should match very closely now.
- Improved rotating 3D volumes. Depending on your input device, the 3D volume would sometimes tumble, this should no longer happen.
- Fixed inability to import 2D DICOM images.
- Added Birthdate column to the Open From File Server patient search listing.
- Improved ability for Quick Ceph Studio to automatically reconnect to the File Server when running in integration mode with our practice management program Quick Ceph Office.
- Fixed issue where patient files would open from the patient search list with a single click in integration mode with our practice management program Quick Ceph Office.

Quick Ceph Office 3.4.5 Release Notes (2/14/17)

Please read the update Release Notes to see what new features have been added. There are often substantial improvements to Quick Ceph Office you may miss without reading the notes. You can also view the Release Notes directly in Quick Ceph Office under the Help menu.

Changes since 3.4.1 (released 12/15/2016)
- Added new minimal Ready for Doctor list. You can minimize the list by clicking the icon with the circular arrows. When in minimal mode, you can right click on patients to perform some basic functions like doctor checking in and out.
- Added the ability to set the Tx Elapsed Time completion date separately from a contract. You used to have to close the contract before you could set the Tx completion date.
- Added the ability to send QCServer logs directly from the Help menu in QCServer.
- Improved logging when emailing letters. The date and email body is now saved in the corresponding document remarks.
- Improved Vanco credit card swiping and setting up automatic payments after a credit card swipe was made.
- Improved patient info in charts. The mother and father names are now listed instead of the school name.
- Improved working with the Tx Steps Checklist in the Patient Chart section. You can now add to and edit the list with the keyboard only. Command-a adds a new entry and Command-d deletes an entry. You can also tab through the entry name and description.
- Improved waking from sleep. If there are no unsaved changes the program will gracefully reconnect. If there were unsaved changes it will warn you about this and make you reconnect manually. Quick Ceph Office should never go to sleep with unsaved changes as they will be lost.
- Improved closing windows with unsaved changes. It used to be easy to force save incomplete/incorrect data, this is no longer the case.
- Fixed the Inspect Original and Inspect Replacement appointment tools in the Past and Future Appointments section of a patient record. Previously these buttons would show the correct information but not highlight the expected appointments. The correct appointments now highlight when uses these tools.
- Fixed misbehaving document thumbnails views in macOS Sierra. This is an issue with Sierra that Apple must fix. In the meantime we have disabled the document thumbnails when running under Sierra.
- Fixed Sierra related issue when importing JPEG or PDF documents and reducing the files size.
- Fixed Sierra related issue when viewing and importing using the Scanned Documents folder.
- Fixed the Expected Versus Actual Payments report. It was missing Day #16 in the Day of the Month dropdown menu.
- Fixed Ledger Transactions report calculating insurance twice in the Fee sections.
- Fixed cut off phone numbers when printing the Recalls list.
- Fixed issue with contract revised stamp showing incorrectly in Sierra.
- Fixed slow startup times due to previous method we used to check internet time. We now use Apples own internet time check which eliminates any slow startups related to the time check.
- Fixed localization for Canada - English, it now uses the DD-MM-YYYY date format.

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