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Quick Ceph Systems was founded by orthodontist and software specialist Günther Blaseio D.M.D., M.S. in 1986. Since its inception, the company has produced cutting edge diagnostic and treatment planning software for orthodontists and maxillo-facial surgeons. The company's more than 25 year history underscores a commitment to innovation, reliability, and service.

Dr. Blaseio introduced the original Quick Ceph® software after completing his Master's degree in orthodontics at Loma Linda University in 1986. The software truly revolutionized orthodontic treatment planning by concentrating, not just on the teeth and the occlusion, but on the profile and face of the patient. It visualized the optimal compromise between finished occlusion and profile aesthetics.

Following this initial release, development of the program progressed over the next two decades with the launch of Quick Ceph Plus, Quick Ceph Image, Quick Ceph Image Pro, and Quick Ceph 2000. Each new release employed significant computing breakthroughs. This included computerized treatment simulations in 1986, JPEG compression in 1992, Quick Ceph's patented use of Bézier curves for tracing outlines and treatment simulations in 1995, and high resolution images in 1999.

Since 1986, thousands of orthodontists all over the world have licensed Quick Ceph. Many have reported that the Quick Ceph software it the best purchase they have ever made during their professional lives. Even after retirement they miss working with Quick Ceph.

Quick Ceph has again leapt years ahead with the completely new, reengineered Quick Ceph Studio. This easy-to-use software offers advanced new features, such as superimpositions of variably translucent radiographs along bony structures, making it the best possible choice for orthodontic and surgical treatment planning.