Advanced CBCT Scan Features


In addition to the standard CBCT Scan manipulation, Quick Ceph Studio allows you to perform advanced image manipulation and data extraction from the CBCT data.  The following movies illustrate the different advanced CBCT Scan features offered in Quick Ceph Studio:

1. Extracting Panoramic Images from the CBCT Scan

The panoramic view can be extracted from the original CBCT scan data.  By adjusting the settings, you can customize the pan view. Once the image is perfected, you can double click to view it in the main window. To extract the image from the CBCT scan data into your patient's file, simply click on the "Freezedry" tool.

2. Extracting Condyle Images

The condyle view can also be extracted from the original CBCT scan data. By adjusting the settings, you can isolate the condyles to measure their size and shape. Once the condyle images are framed correctly, you can "Freezedry" the images to save them into your patient's file.

3. Airway View and Analysis

Quick Ceph Studio incorporates a novel approach to analyzing the patient’s airway. By using the CBCT scan data, Quick Ceph constructs a 3 dimensional view of the pharyngeal area, allowing you to navigate through it to view and measure the most obstructed areas. Measurements are continuously updated and displayed in the lower right portion of the screen.