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Quick Ceph Office 4.5.1

Quick Ceph Office  4.5.1

October 29, 2020

- Added the ability to 'Adjust Payment Schedule' on an active contract. This is a new tool found in the Contracts section which lets you push out the payment schedule anywhere from 1 to 6 months out.
- Added new 'Patient Digest' feature which can be accessed from Function menu or in the Patient Overview. This provides one location to view many different details about a patient formatted for maximum readability and is light weight in terms of using computer resource.
- Added ability to record 'Tx Objectives' and 'Tx Steps' directly on the Tx Plan. This change also allows the Tx Objectives and Tx Steps to be recorded before the Tx Plan is activated and allows Tx Objectives and Tx Steps on a per Tx Plan basis.
- Added ability to auto login which is configurable in the Workstation section of the Preferences & Setup window.
- Added ability to filter 'Ledger Transactions' report on Guarantor or Insurance.
- Added new 'Balance' column to the Documents section in the Practice Manager window.
- Added 'Patient Phone' column back to the To Be Confirmed list.
- Added 'Due Date' column to the Labs and Models sections.
- Improved Appointment Reminder handling of multiple appointments booked on the same day. This would cause confusing reminder text that looked like duplicate texts. Now the patient will only receive a single appointment reminder for the first booked appointment on that day.
- Improved the logic of catching duplicate booked appointments. With the improvement this should be harder to do going forward.
- Improved tracking of 'New Exam' date when charting. It used to require both the Tx Status and the Tx Condition to be properly set, now it only required Tx Condition to be set to Exam.
- Improved the ability to see recorded 'Broken Brackets' in both the Chart directly and in the Chart history columns.
- Improved 'Financial Overview' by numbering the payment schedule, adding total count number, and calculated amount.
- Improved 'Practice Monitor' report in regards to the Balance Items. Renamed 'Accounts Receivables' as 'Ending Balance' to be more accurate. Also added Amount Due Total as a summation of the Current, 30, 60, and 90 past dues.
- Improved NPI code handling when submitting insurance claims. Previously this would cause claims to fail from a small number of insurance companies.
- Improved login window by centering logo and making staff dropdown list alphabetical.
- Improved labeling of inactive 'Appointment Codes' in the Schedule Template section of the Preferences & Setup window.
- Fixed issue where sorting Appointment Codes would take case into consideration.
- Fixed issue where the 'Chart Tag' checkbox could be missing when setting the Configuration settings of the Chart view.
- Fixed issue where the 'Next Appointment Notes' and 'Next Appointment ID' columns could be missing when enabling them in the Configuration settings of the Chart view.
- Fixed issue where Appointment Book could show incorrect chair views occasionally when first opening the Appointment Book view.
- Fixed issues that could cause License disconnecting errors.
- Fixed typo where Ninth Grade was misspelled as Nineth Grade.
- Fixed issue where the 'Patient Financials' report would not sort by date as expected.
- Fixed issue were unsupported Tab Bars could be enabled.

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