Quick Ceph Office 4.4.1 Released!

July 17, 2020

- Added a new iPad app, QuickCephPad, which is available free on the App Store. This new iOS app continues to offer Patient Sign In, but now also supports completing patient forms. You can find the 'Forms' section in the Preferences & Setup window and you will find companion video tutorials under the Help menu.
- Added 'Recent' menu option to allow easy access to the last 20 opened patient records. This 'Recent' patients list can be utilized under the Function menu or in the 'Find Patient' section.
- Added ability to set 'Tx End Date' on completed Tx Plans. This is helpful to set or fix a Tx End Date if it was missed or set incorrectly.
- Added ability to sort and filter Billing Statements by Balance in the 'Documents' section of the Practice Manager window.
- Improved Appointment Reminder reliability and Reminder status feedback on the Appointments Report.
- Improved speed of the following sections: To Be Scheduled, To Be Rescheduled, Recall List, Cancellation List, and To Be Confirmed. We removed some of the slower columns and added a 'More...' button to each list. The More… button will provide you further details on any selected line item from any of these lists.
- Improved 'Appointment Book' chair width to be thinner. This will result in users being able to see more chairs at once without having to scroll right and left.
- Improved 'Note' handling on the Appointment Book in regards to Blocked Time and Schedule Templates.
- Improved 'Note' handling in general. If you are editing an open note window and switch sections, the program will now attempt to automatically save your edited note instead of discarding the changes.
- Improved 'Patients With Missing Info' report to directly search for missing mobile phones or missing email addresses, individually or combined.
- Improved 'Billing Statement' payment tab text to now read as Past Due & Due Now.
- Improved SMTP testing tool to provide an option to test using real appointment data.
- Fixed 'Enforce use of schedule template' feature. There is a checkbox to enable this feature but it was not working properly. Now when enabled, you must follow the schedule template when it is available.
- Fixed 'Current Due' report to properly sort on Total Balance column.
- Fixed issue where contract 'Amount To Account For' could show incorrectly.
- Fixed 'Bulk Email' list handling. An error would happen if a user had blank contact entries, this no longer happens.
- Fixed inability to extract bulk email list for appointments on a single day. Previously this would only work if providing a range of 2 days or more, now it works for a single day.
- Fixed incorrect tool tip on the 'Load File' button in the Letter Templates section.

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