Quick Ceph Office 4.6.0 Released!

February 5, 2021

Changes since 4.5.1
- Improved merging of Persons, Staff, and Parties. The merging process works better and now shows the information side by side for easier comparison.
- Improved initial database connection. Connection failure window no longer hides behind other windows.
- Fixed appointment reminder bug that could cause rescheduled appointments not to get the expected email or text message reminder.
- Improved the automatic login feature. This is a per workstation preference that can be enabled if you work in a secure location.
- Fixed issue where an office with night time operating hours would incorrectly mark appointments as missed.
- Fixed Big Sur graphical issue when working in the 'Create Person' picker.
- Fixed Big Sur system clock bug.
- Improved the ability to stop the Late Payment reminder To Do's.
- Improved the QuickCephPad iOS app startup color and initial database connection.
- Improved the QuickCephPad iOS app date picker in the custom forms feature.

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