Quick Ceph Studio 4.9.0 Released!

January 28, 2021

Changes since 4.8.5
- Improved correction tool function. Now the current point label is shown at the top of the window when you hover over any point to correct it, even points along a curve.
- Fixed issue where morphing the lateral image would lower the image quality slightly. Now the full quality should be maintained when morphing.
- Fixed bug where the Genioplasty Y measurement box would flip between a negative and positive number.
- Fixed an issue where the VOI tool would not provide the expected snapshot.
- Fixed incorrectly named 'Histogram' button in the 3D section. It is now titled 'Transfer Fn'.
- Fixed issue where Transfer Fn buttons were not showing as expected under Big Sur.
- Fixed odd gray box showing in the Ricketts summary section.
- Fixed all macOS 11 Big Sur graphical issues we were aware of.
- Fixed link under Help menu to updated Video Tutorials website.

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