Patient Education Movies (The Smile Studio)


The Smile Studio, with over 200 patient education movies that can be scaled to fit your screen, is now an integral part of Quick Ceph Studio. The Smile Studio contains movies of real and illustrated teeth from various categories, such as "Appliances", "Frontals", "Laterals", "Teeth", and "X-Rays". These categories are broken down even further into orthodontic and surgical procedures such as the ones shown in the following examples.

Smile Studio movies can be accessed under the “Media” menu within the program, so you can play these movies on any computer that has Quick Ceph Studio installed.

Lateral Maxillo-mandibular Osteotomy

Hyrax Appliance

Frontal Maxillo-mandibular Osteotomy

Lateral Premolar Extraction with Overjet Correction

Four Bicuspid Extraction

Deep Bite Correction

Growth From Birth to Adult