Intuitive Treatment Planning


Quick Ceph Studio was designed to provide users with the ability to easily and accurately perform treatment simulations. Using our patented soft tissue landmark identification system and soft tissue movement ratios obtained through published research, Quick Ceph Studio offers precise treatment planning tools, providing you with peace of mind when treating your patients.

1. Intuitive Tracing Manipulation

To simulate tooth movement during treatment planning, just click on a tooth and drag it to the desired position. If you want to impact the maxilla or advance the mandible, you just simply click and drag one of the special handles on the mandible or maxilla to perform the movement. Placing the cursor over a tooth or handle will highlight the structure that will be moved.

2. Soft Tissue Morphing

When performing a treatment plan movement, the soft tissue will be affected by the repositioning of the teeth, mandible, and maxilla. The amount of soft tissue movement can be controlled by the “Ratio” settings found in the Quick Ceph Studio Preferences.

Quick Ceph Studio offers different soft tissue ratio settings depending on the patient’s facial type, so it can accurately predict how the patient’s soft tissue contour will be changed by the projected treatment. These soft tissue ratios are also user-definable, giving you full control over the treatment parameters.


The result is an accurate morphed simulation of how the patient will look after treatment.