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About Us

Quick Ceph Systems, Inc creates cutting-edge software tools for orthodontic practices worldwide. Our aim is to provide innovative and reliable imaging and practice management solutions with the highest level of customer service. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and have happily served thousands of orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons.

Our company was founded in 1986 by intrepid computer coder and orthodontist, Günther Blaseio, following the completion of his residency at Loma Linda University in California. The original Quick Ceph software was a stellar success! It revolutionized treatment planning by allowing practitioners visualize predictive profile changes in orthodontic patients. With this information, an optimal balance between finished occlusion and profile aesthetics could be determined.

The popularity of our original imaging software paved the way for numerous advancements in the years to come. Quick Ceph Plus, Quick Ceph Image, Quick Ceph Image Pro, and Quick Ceph 2000 each employed significant computing breakthroughs. This included: JPEG compression in 1992, Quick Ceph's patented use of Bézier curves for tracing outlines and treatment simulations in 1995, and high resolution images in 1999.


Our latest imaging and tracing solution, Quick Ceph Studio, is no exception. Originally released in 2005, this easy-to-use software offers many advanced new features such as: superimpositions of variably translucent radiographs along bony structures, import and manipulation of 3-D CBCT radiographs and STL dental models, and supports unlimited sessions in a patient file. All these new tools make Studio the best possible choice for orthodontic and surgical treatment planning.

The sustained popularity of our imaging software solutions led to many requests for a directly integrated management system. To satisfy this demand, we released Quick Ceph Office in 2013 after a multi-year development process. The software is a complete package; it integrates a multitude of important features like scheduling, charting, and credit card and insurance processing all into one clean interface.

Our development process has continued unabated for our entire history; we make frequent additions and updates to keep pace with emerging technologies. From a development perspective, this is a labor intensive endeavor! Yet it is vital, because it ensures you can rely on our software to grow decades long with your career and practice.


There is one thing we have not changed: we remain committed to the Macintosh and macOS. Apple continues to provide the most refined computer systems available on the market today while significantly lowering day-to-day complications and cost over time for orthodontic offices. 

Since 1986, we have continuously pushed the boundaries in orthodontic software by integrating rapidly expanding technological advancements. We have resolutely served thousands of orthodontists all over the world. Many have reported that the Quick Ceph software it the best purchase they have ever made during their professional careers. We believe in our products and providing you with unparalleled service!

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