Quick Ceph Office

Quick Ceph Office® 4.0 has been released.

Quick Ceph Office has been in development for more than ten years and went through a year long beta period. Our goal is to continue to provide your office with an intuitive interface and advanced features. You will reap the rewards of how Quick Ceph Office helps maintain a smooth practice flow.

You will also love how Quick Ceph Office integrates with Quick Ceph Studio. Using the complete system allows you to send professional, modern, and complete information to dentists, patients, and other related parties.

Program Overview

Automatic Integration with

Quick Ceph Studio

Integration with images and treatment plans is easy. A single click from Quick Ceph Office can open the corresponding patient file in Quick Ceph Studio. Data capture by Quick Ceph Studio, such as photos and tracing measurements, are stored and accessible within Quick Ceph Office.

Powered by SQL

SQL-based client/server database provides a robust solution for larger networks with many concurrent users.

Quick Ceph Office Features

All functionality is organized into three convenient windows: Practice Manager, Patient Records, and Preference & Setup. 

Practice Manager

The practice Manager includes the appointment book, tasks to be performed and practice specific information, such as daily appointments, appointments to be scheduled, recalls, to-do lists, referrals, insurance companies, employers and schools.

Patient Records

Digital equivalent of the conventional patient folder where everything related to a patient is found. Collecting all patient information in one location makes finding and editing patient records quick & easy.

Preferences & Setup

Contains various setup times, such as the schedule template, staff lists, access control, workstation preferences, fee schedules, patient alerts and letter templates.

Single Patient/Multiple Guarantors

We provide the ability to create contracts for a single patient with multiple guarantors. For each patient, a multiple guarantor financial arrangement is available with a separate ledger per guarantor and/or insurance company for maximum tracking flexibility. Contracts can be split amongst any number of guarantors, there is no limit.

Digital eClaim Insurance Processing

Available in the U.S. only. Electronic insurance claims can be submitted directly from Quick Ceph Office. These claims can also be submitted without an active patient contract.

Payment Processor & Automatic Contract Payments

Available in the U.S. only. Create contracts with auto-payments deducted from checking, savings or credit card accounts.

Credit Card Processing

Available in the U.S. only. Credit Card processing is done directly in the ledger.

Automatic Email/Text Message Reminders

We've built email/txt functionality directly into our software. Since no third party is necessary, there are no additional fees.

Digital File Storage

Files are stored digitally for a paperless office. All patient documents may be archived as PDF, JPEG and other file types with easy access.

Highly Customizable

There are over 60 items that can be customized, including adjustment reason, appliance type, archwire type, chart entry type, to-do items type and more.

Shared School, Employer & Address Data

The information is entered once into the system and shared among multiple patient records.

Built-In Letter Template System

Create letter templates without the complication of using third party tools to simplify user experience. The templates are capable of carrying rich text and images.

Visual Patient Alerts

Visual Alerts may be defined and displayed to notify the staff of important patient information, whether clinical, behavioral, or financial.


Appointment Book w/ Flexible Templates

Navigate through time conveniently with a large, 12-month calendar window, and build your own custom appointment templates graphically with a simple drag and drop operation.

Direct Emailing

Send patient letters to multiple parties by email directly from our software.

Appointment Code w/ Doctor Time

Appointments codes are displayed with doctor time, allowing the doctor time to be optimally utilized and to highlight conflicts and opportunities.

Automatic Monthly Statements

Automatic monthly billing statements sent directly to the guarantor by email.

Detailed Ledgers

Detailed ledgers available for each guarantor and each insurance policy per individual patient.

Customized Charting

Customized charting history views focus on specific information. Rich text may be used for treatment notes, and chart entries may be color coded, searched, sorted, reordered and selectively displayed to highlight areas of interest. There are built-in graphical editors for specifying elastics and tooth conditions. Charts can be viewed in two modes: a column view for compact summary and a detail view for easy browsing of full content and searching.

Built-in To-Do List

Any user may add, assign and track to-do items related to a patient or the practice.

Detailed Practice & Patient Reports

Hundreds of report combination available. The user can specify the reporting criteria and display options individually for each report.