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New Practice Guide

We know you rely on software every day to plan your cases and to organize your practice. Find out how Quick Ceph Studio and Office can simplify your life while saving you money. Our support team can help guide new practices as well as those transitioning.


Contact us! Let us know if you are interested in Quick Ceph Studio, Quick Ceph Office, or both. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Find out how many licenses your office will need so we can accurately quote a price.


Buy computers! Here are our best picks: 21" iMac for clinic stations, 27" iMac for reception and presentation stations, 16" MacBook Pro for doctor computer (this will also allow you to bring your computer home if needed), and Mac mini for the server station (make sure to select 16 GB RAM and over 1 TB SSD).


Quick Ceph Office allows for electronic insurance filing in the US through Change Healthcare®. Make an account here, complete and mail this form, and contact our support team to receive a unique user number for QC Office


Work with your IT specialist to make sure you have a sufficient network setup. We recommend a fixed IP connection and direct ethernet ports at each workstation you plan to use. For remote connection, we recommend a hardware-based VPN.


Determine the peripheral hardware you'll need. Each office will be different. Most will need a camera and a digital ceph/pano or CBCT. For offices using film-based radiographs a photo scanner is necessary. To import STL files an intraoral scanner must be purchased.


Quick Ceph Office can accept payments using a payment processing company. Sign up with Vanco® or OrthoBanc® to . Follow the links to learn more.

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