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Quick Ceph Studio is the gold standard in cephalometric tracing! This invaluable tool lets orthodontists trace, diagnose, perform visual treatment objectives (VTOs), and superimpose with great ease and accuracy. Built around these core functions are a multitude of advanced features to help you manage a wide variety of patient data. The beautifully intuitive macOS layout lets you import, align, resize, and crop photos, 2D/3D X-rays, and digital patient models. All of this information can be re-exported, allowing you to store everything in one place. Quick Ceph Studio also contains implementations of our renowned cephalometric analytical and imaging components, improved morphing algorithms, customizable galleries, and patient education movies.


Readily accessible & immensely flexible

    Import JPG, CBCT, DICOM, STL, MPG. This complete solution allows you to safely store patient data in one place! Once they're organized export in BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF, TIFF. 


    Change exposure, brightness, gamma and other photo qualities. Touch-up photographs using advanced editing tools, like the Smudge, Stamp, Brush and Marquee tools.

  • TRACE 

    Lateral, Frontal, Model and SMV tracings can be generated. The magnifying glass feature allows you to accurately trace each landmark without having to resize the x-ray.

  • CBCT

    View cross-sections, volumes, or even model views. Customize to see bone, soft tissue, or both. Freeze dry ceph, panoramic, condyle and airway views from the original CBCT scan data.


    Quick Ceph Studio easily performs visual growth forecasts. Simply estimate the years of expected growth. This can help factor growth into your visual treatment objectives. 


    Complete visual treatment objectives that allow you to plan the outcome of your treatment. Account for dental and orthopedic rotational and translational movements. 


    Create beautiful, exportable galleries with patient information, images, tracings, and measurements. Even add your logo for a professional touch.


    Superimpose x-rays from multiple sessions according to Arne Björk's Structural Method. You can also display an x-ray superimposed onto a patient's facial image.

Integration with Quick Ceph Office is easy. A single click from Quick Ceph Office can open the corresponding patient file in Quick Ceph Studio. Data captured by Quick Ceph Studio, such as photos and tracing measurements, are stored and accessible within Quick Ceph Office.

 Quick Ceph Office Integration

Additional Features

QC Studio has an extensive and proven feature set designed for your practice

Standard Deviation Diagrams 

Don't go cross-eyed looking at numbers, check out our graphical table

Custom Analyses

So you can dial in your planning process

Patient Education Movies

Over 200 movies covering movements, appliances, and procedures

On-the-Fly Measurements

Linear or angular measurements on any image or x-ray

Transparent Superimposing

Make x-rays more transparent so you can see exactly how landmarks superimpose 

Intuitive Treatment Planning

Drag-and-drop to simulate treatment changes, both surgical and non-surgical

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