Quick Ceph Studio

Quick Ceph is the most respected name in

orthodontic diagnosis and treatment

planning software. 

With its many new features and its intuitive

design, Quick Ceph Studio takes the lead again.

The Quick Ceph Studio program has been completely rewritten for Mac OS X and includes support for the latest technologies in our field such as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT or 3D imaging), digital x-rays, precise and reliable superimpositions (including Björk) using transparent x-ray images, unaltered archived digital images, and more. Quick Ceph Studio also contains updated implementations of our renowned cephalometric analytical and imaging components, improved morphing algorithms, customizable galleries, and patient education movies. Click on the links below to view videos and get a virtual tour of these exciting new features.

Automatic Integration with

Quick Ceph Office

Integration with Quick Ceph Office is easy. A single

click from Quick Ceph Office can open the corresponding patient file in Quick Ceph Studio.

Data captured by Quick Ceph Studio, such as photos and tracing measurements, are stored and accessible within Quick Ceph Office.

Quick Ceph Studio Features

Importing & Accessing Patient Records
Automatic arrangement of images upon import. Images are stored unaltered so you have complete flexibility to manipulate, crop and adjust the images many times later without affecting the original imported images. Learn More / View Videos

Seamless Digital X-Ray Importing
Quick Ceph Studio accepts digital x-ray images from all machines that produce JPEG images, such as Planmeca, Gendex, Intstrumentarium, Kodak, Sirona and others.

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Image Editing

Touch-up photographs using advanced editing tools, like the Smudge, Stamp, Brush and Marquee tools.

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Multiple Tracing Options

Lateral, Frontal, Model and SMV tracings can be generated. The magnifying glass feature allows you to accurately trace each landmark without having to resize the x-ray.

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Quick Measurements on Untraced X-Rays

Make quick linear and angular measurements on any x-ray, even if it has not been traced. Learn More / View Videos

Fully Customizable Analyses

Evaluate tracings using the multiple built-in analyses or create your own custom analyses. Use the intuitive tools to easily create your custom measurements or simply copy and paste your measurements from our extensive list. Learn More / View Videos

Standard Deviation Diagram

Measurements can be displayed as a visual diagram reflecting the standard deviation values. Included are three different standard deviation diagrams to compare the patient's measurement values diagrammatically to the norm values. Learn More / View Videos

Intuitive Treatment Planning

Easily and accurately perform treatment simulations using our patented soft tissue landmark identification system and soft tissue movement ratios obtained through published research.

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Multiple Superimpositions
Superimpose x-rays from multiple sessions according to Arne Björk's Structural Method. You can also display an x-ray superimposed onto a patient's facial image.

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Clinical Diagnostic Feature

A comprehensive set of clinical diagnostic information, such as medical history and intraoral, dental, skeletal and functional examination is included. You can also customize your own subset. 

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Advanced CBCT Scan Features

Extract the lateral ceph, panoramic, condyle and airway views from the original CBCT scan data. Learn More / View Videos

Integral Cone Beam CT Scan Functionality

3D images can be manipulated to show any angle around the skull and teeth and adjusted to view different image densities, such as bone only, soft tissue only or a combination of both.

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User-Defined Galleries & Letters

Quick Ceph Studio includes a user-customizable gallery editor that allows you to define how patient information, images, tracings, measurements and practice logos are displayed. Letter templates can also be created using this gallery editor.

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One-Click Reports

All of the images and data relating to a patient can be quickly collated into a user customizable report. Reports can be viewed onscreen during consultation, sent to a printer and even generated into a PDF document which can be emailed to patients and colleagues. Learn More / View Videos

Patient Education Movies

Over 200 patient education movies are included from various categories, such as Appliances, Frontals, Laterals, Teeth and X-Rays. Learn More / View Videos