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Quick Ceph Studio 4.8.4 & 4.8.5

Quick Ceph Studio 4.8.4 & 4.8.5

October 29, 2020

Changes since 4.8.4
- Fixed issues specific to macOS 10.12.

Changes since 4.8.3
- Added the ability to reorder Tx Sequence list in the Diagnostic Editor.
- Improved speed working with magnified images in the Import section using a Retina display.
- Improved taking Snapshots and FreezeDrying in the 3D/CT-Scan section. When using these tools it will visually put the new images in the Import section but it will no longer take you away from the 3D section.
- Improved the ease of exporting DICOM volumes from a patient file.
- Fixed inability to open the same file across multiple workstations when accessing files from a network share. Please note this should be used only for viewing purposes and not for editing.
- Fixed issue in the Diagnostic Editor where text would turn gray when editing in later versions of macOS.
- Fixed issue where the Default Norms in a Custom Analysis would not translate as expected.
- Fixed issue where a hairline could show around custom logos.

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