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Transfer Custom Settings

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

This video will demonstrate how to transfer custom Quick Ceph Studio settings from one computer to another.

Steps to Transfer Custom Quick Ceph Studio Settings

If only transferring one Analysis or Diagnostic Setup simply email them using the preferences pane as shown in the video (located in the Quick Ceph Studio > Preferences menu)

If you are transferring Galleries or a large group of Analyses or Diagnostic Setups you may want to copy the files manually. Here's a sequence of steps to accomplish this:

  1. While in the Finder, click the Go menu in the top menu bar while holding down the option key on your keyboard. This will give you access to the 'Library' in the Go menu, select 'Library'

  2. In the open 'Library' folder, open the folder 'Application Support' and then open 'Quick Ceph'

  3. Copy the ‘Diagnostics' folder to a flash drive or external HD

  4. Place the ‘Diagnostics' folder copied from your previous computer into the same location ([user name] / Library / Application Support / Quick Ceph)

  5. Restart Quick Ceph Studio on this new computer

  6. Lastly you will reopen Quick Ceph Studio and your custom Diagnostics will be available in the Templates section

Now you should have your custom Galleries available on this new computer. You can do the same process to every computer you have running Quick Ceph Studio. This same method is also used to copy over any custom Gelleries, Analyses, Reports and so on.


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