"Quick Ceph Studio allows me to treatment plan my patients in half the time. In addition, it allows me to update parents and referring dentists in a timely, organized fashion."
Jay A. Hughes, DDS
Indianapolis, IN

"I have been a Quick Ceph user since 1987. I have looked at several computerized cephalometric analysis software systems that are out there. They all have their strengths, but I always come to the same conclusion: Quick Ceph is always the best!!!"
David M. Lebsack, DDS, MS, PC
Saint Joseph, MO

"Quick Ceph has been part of my orthodontic practice since 1988. I just could not function without it. It is not only an unmatched diagnostic and planning tool, but also so much fun and fast to work with. Planning, reviewing, superimposing, presenting: fun and efficiency, what else would you need?"
Georges Herzog, M.SC.D.
Pully, Switzerland

"Quick Ceph Studio is a very intuitive and comprehensive imaging program, with all the latest technology easily integrated into one program. Digitizing and treatment planning with the VTO is very user friendly. The latest version allows for easy organization of all the patient's records into a single file. Custom before and after patient galleries are a great visual tool to share with patients. I would recommend Quick Ceph Studio to anyone looking for a records / imaging program."
Daniel A. Flores, DDS, MS, PC
Fallbrook, CA

"... We have many patients who need orthognathic surgical treatment and we have seen a very precise relation between the results Quick Ceph Studio estimates and the real final surgical and orthodontic results. We feel our VTOs are made in a reliable system. This is the quality we want for our offices and patients, and it is the one we recommend. Thanks for your constant desire to make our work and lives easier."
Dr. William Valdés
Santiago, Chile

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate the value of Quick Ceph Studio to my practice. Records gathering and formatting are easy to perform and the resolution of my images is exceptional. As a treatment planning tool Quick Ceph Studio is excellent. Digitizing frontal and lateral cephs is very straight forward, especially tracing the soft tissue profile. Once the tracings are done I can quickly do a CO/CR conversion, a growth forecast and as many treatment simulations as I choose with extreme ease. The morphing of the VTOs is smooth and almost never requires touch up with editing tools. This is a huge benefit because doing multiple treatment simulations with good morphing allows me and my patients to better visualize treatment options and come to an individualized consensus. Quick Ceph Studio also handles CBCT data sets very well. I can easily import the Dicom data right into Quick Ceph Studio and create a lateral and frontal ceph, a panoramic view, TMJ views as well as airway evaluations without the need for additional software.

This is a very powerful software package that makes practicing orthodontics easier because treatment planning is extremely thorough and user friendly. I cannot imagine practicing without Quick Ceph Studio."
John Oubre, DDS
Lafayette, LA

"I have been using Quick Ceph for 18 years, being one of the first in France, and never regretted it. My communication with Quick Ceph is awesome."
Dr. Luc Arzel
Cherbourg, France

"I have been a Quick Ceph user for 19 years and I am very pleased with the evolution of the software during the course of that time. Importing and exporting data, photographs, tracings, etc. is very easy. I have not personally had to contact Quick Ceph for much technical support as the program is very intuitive, and the manuals are quite sufficient. On the occasions that I have contacted technical support, my issues have been resolved in very short order. The VTOs, treatment predictions and treatment comparisons are extremely valuable. The patients enjoy them, the parents enjoy them and the referring dentists appreciate them. I use Quick Ceph Studio all day, every day."
Howard G. Stringert, DDS, MS, PC
Pueblo, CO

"I have been using Quick Ceph for almost 10 years. When Quick Ceph Studio came out, it completely changed my expectations of an imaging software. I have used some of the more popular programs while working for other offices, and Studio is superior to all of them. Some of its strengths are its ability to continually adjust photo sizes and orientation even after the initial upload. The bezier curves provide an individualized, detailed profile, which helps make the morphing tool even more effective. The ability to demonstrate potential facial changes from orthodontic and orthognathic treatment is a great way to explain to patients what treatment can do for them. I am accustomed to a less 'popular' cephalometric analysis, and Studio's customization takes care of this as well. As an added bonus, it runs on a Mac, which allows me to avoid the common computer pitfalls of viruses, crashing and slow speeds."
Andrew M. Sicklick, DDS
Cedarhurst, NY

"I have been a Quick Ceph user for 24 years now. Dr. Blaseio has continued to stay on the cutting edge regarding orthodontic diagnosis. Quick Ceph Studio has continued to evolve to allow for maximum customization and yet maintain sound orthodontic diagnostic capability. I have been able to continue to improve my ability to deliver better, more precise, and comprehensive diagnostic information for, ultimately, my patient's benefit. Quick Ceph Studio dramatically improves my ability to educate and improve patient comprehension. Another aspect of the program which is very beneficial is using Quick Ceph for comprehensive post-treatment comparisons. This is one of the best self-teaching tools available. This too is ultimately for the patient's benefit."
James Sieberth, DDS, MS
Baton Rouge, LA

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